There are no sub-categories in Tenyo Tricks.
Here is some early information on the upcoming Tenyo releases:

1. 2D Vanishing Coins - Coins vanish as they are dropped into a drawing of a bucket.

2. Restoration Card - Lubor Fiedler, Four pieces of a card visually restore themselves as you watch.

3. Transparent Envelope Mystery - a clear envelope is sealed with a clip and a dollar bill appears inside.

4. Miracle Coin Tray - A tray is covered with a glass. A coin is vanished and appears under the glass.

5. Metamorphisis Key - A key is attached to a small stick and then jumps to another stick.

We will post further information once we have it. We expect to have an early shipment and will list them as soon as they are available. Please email us at to be added to the early notification list.